Georgia Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers​ (GATSA)

The Sexual Offender Registration Review Board is seeking a part-time (29hrs/week) Clinical Evaluator. Location is 19 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Atlanta. Pay is hourly and based on experience. Applicants should apply by going to this website:  http://www.dbhddjobs.comh here.

Title:   Clinical Evaluator

Department: Sexual Offender Registration Review Board (SORRB), Attached to DBHDD

Reports to: Executive Director

Job summary

Conduct a legislatively guided risk classification, based on available collateral case documentation and empirically supported actuarial risk assessments, to determine the sexual recidivism risk a convicted sex offender living in Georgia poses to the community.

Summary of essential job functions
Risk Classification Report: Pull information from the GBI and Department of Community Supervision database. Review documentation and contact agencies to obtain additional information about a sex offender as necessary. Score and interpret the Static-99R and Static-02R. Determine  a  sexual offender’s overall sexual recidivism risk based on all the information reviewed. Complete a report that summarizes the reviewed information and includes a recommendation regarding the offender’s Risk Level. Complete a satisfactory number of reports per month.

Understand elements of the law sufficiently to determine what cases cannot be leveled. Update the SORRB database regarding “Cannot Level”” (CNL) and “Late Max Out” (LMO) cases.

Conduct Re-Evaluation assessments on offender’s who file a petition for reconsideration of their original designation. As part of this re-evaluation, the evaluator is required to review all information submitted by the offender and make a recommendation regarding the offender’s risk classification.

Participate in weekly staff meetings to review all Sexually Dangerous Predator and Re-Evaluation cases and to discuss and reach consensus on any cases requiring further examination.

Attend monthly Board meetings and be able to justify the recommended risk level to the Board.

Court Testimony: Meet with the SORRB attorney to discuss cases and prepare for court hearings. Testify in court as an expert witness in judicial review cases.

Community/Interagency Education: Provide educational presentations to the Board, stakeholders, and the community on the Risk Level classification process.

Administrative Procedures: Attend a training every other year for Security and Integrity and pass testing associated with this training in order to have access to offender criminal history information. Have working knowledge of, and attend webinars for, Concur and other programs associated with SORRB’s parent agency, Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities.

Minimum requirements  

Graduate degree in the field of behavioral sciences (Psychology, Counseling, Social Work, or Criminal Justice). Maintain a professional license in the State of Georgia, including completion of continued education requirements. Be a member of ATSA and have at least 2 years’ experience specializing in the field of adult sex offenders. Have knowledge of the Static-99R, Static-02R, dynamic risk factors, and published sex offender risk assessment research. Possess above average writing skills and average computer skills.